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At St Margaret's we see reading as being made up of two key elements, reading fluency and reading comprehension. Reading is of high importance in our curriculm as it underpins all subjects. Therefore, reading is not just taught in English lessons, we use our reading skills across all areas of our curriculum. 


Y2 - 'I like to read  ‘beast quest books’. Even though I am a free reader you still need to read because you still need to keep it up.’

Y3 - 'My teachers help me when I have a word I can’t read they help me to work out what it is.’

Y4 - 'My whole class reading for pleasure book was Gansta Granny because it is funny and I haven’t read it in a long time.'

Y5 - 'I like reading because it lets you into another world even when you are still just sat in exactly the same chair.’

Y6 - 'I enjoyed Carrie’s War because it was all about the past and our history and what had happened in the world. When you read it it felt like you were experiencing it, like you were there.'
Intent, Implementation, Impact
Intent, Implementation, Impact
The Reading Element of our Teaching and Learning Policy

This information has been extracted from our whole school's teaching and learning policy to exemplify how we teach reading at St Margaret's.

Whole School Reading Curriculum Progression Map

This document demonstrates how our children's comprehension and fluency skills develop as they progress from reception through to Year 6.

Assessing Reading Fluency

At St Margaret's we used the multidimensional fluency scale to assess our children's reading fluency. Source: The Megabook of Fluency by Timothy V. Rasinski and Melissa Cheesman Smith

Free Readers Reading Spine

Our free readers Reading Spine is from 'Reading Reconsidered by Doug Lemov' Source: Manic Street Teachers

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