St Margaret'sC of E Primary School

School Community  »  School Aims

  • We value all children as individuals and encourage them all to reach their full potential.
  • We endeavour to provide a high quality learning environment where children feel happy, secure and motivated to work hard – a place where they enjoy their work and aspire to excellence.
  • We aim to offer education founded on Christian principles whilst respecting and celebrating differences in race, creed and culture.
  • We aim for high standards of behaviour, and encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility and consideration for others.
  • We believe that work should be purposeful, matched to children’s ability and be intellectually challenging.
  • We wish to encourage children to develop their talents and self esteem by participating in a wide range of artistic, musical, sporting and recreational activities.
  • We wish to maintain and develop the long established links with St.Margaret’s Church and the wider community.
  • We are committed to promoting good relationships with parents/guardians, encouraging them to take an active and vital role in their child’s education.
  • We aim to ensure that all children feel part of our school family with equal access to all school activities regardless of ability, race, creed, gender or background.