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At St. Margaret’s C of E Primary School we offer children a stimulating Music curriculum, accessible to all, capitalizing on the development of every child’s ability. The enjoyment of Music is promoted as well as learning about it and to create it, progressively building on children’s achievements, and skills. The National Curriculum is at the core our learning. Pupils learn to listen to, perform, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians. They learn to sing and to use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others. Pupils have the opportunity to use technology to create and record music. Children understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated, including through pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure. Children learn appropriate musical notation. Pupils have the opportunity to sing in assemblies, to learn to play an instrument in whole class lessons and to progress their learning further  though small group tuition of brass, woodwind or string instruments. To ensure our young musicians have every opportunity to play as part of a larger ensemble we also have a school orchestra and choir. We have specialist music teachers from 'Artforms'  who teach whole class lessons to Years 2-6..

We recognise the value of quality Music provision in nurturing every child and believe it can enable each individual to use their imagination and inspire creativity, take risks and extend their cultural understanding. Through planning enjoyable, memorable learning experiences, we aim to develop all individual’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural appreciation of music, its heritage and links to different cultures and traditions. We  are proud of our music provision and how inclusive our provision is. We received ‘Champion School’ status awarded by Leeds Music Education Partnership and are also accredited as a ‘Music Mark’ school.

Pupil Voice 

As part of our continued drive to ensure we provide the possible learning experiences for our children we regularly talk to our children to find out their thoughts and opinions of how we teach music and what the children value about their musical experiences. 

Here are some of the comments given by children from Reception to Year 6 

Reception "I love singing... why? Because I get a different voice, I can sing high and I feel so, so happy when music is on."

Year 1  "Singing assembly  makes me feel calm... I love learning new songs.

Year 2 "I like how the teacher uses bird names to help us learn the notes. Its easy to remember like blackbird, owl, jay"

Year 3 "I have learnt how to play the violin. Ive learnt how to play notes like G, D, A and E" 

Year 4 "Learning the clarinet at school has helped me to play the recorder and get better at it"
Year 4 "Singing together imakes you feel kind of uplifted. Its like unity and togetherness"

Year 5 "Mr Beldon helps us learn new songs its relaxing"

Year 6 " I can write my own songs now I wrote a Minecraft one and I can sing it"

Clarinet Small Group Tuition
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Music Celebreation Assembly

Music Celebration assemblies happen every term at St. Margaret's. It is an opportunity for our children to perform in front of a large audience and for aspiring musicians to be inspired by those already playing.

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St Margaret's Choir Performance
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Music Long Term Overview

We have created a personalised long term plan using units from the Charanga scheme .

Music Skill Progression Map