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Find a range of resources on this page which you may find useful at home.
Transition Social Story Booklets

Please feel free to download and print then read with your child to help prepare them for their new class. You may read this once, weekly, daily. Use it as you feel is needed to help your child understand what their staff, class and routine will look like in September. (Last updated July 2023) (Please note: we are awaiting photos for the Year 5 class, we will upload this social story once we have it finalised. Thank you for your patience.)

Visuals for home

These visuals help support developing routines at home. Your child may just like to know what day of the week it is or need a little more assistance in the routine of getting ready for school on a morning, they may also like an itinerary for the day. We hope these visuals provide you an array of options.

Emotional register

It is not always easy to talk emotions. Have these card available for your child to help them indicate how they are feeling if they struggle to verbally express it. You may have them stuck up on a wall and your child points or moves a picture of themselves onto the one they are feeling, or you may print the smaller cards for them to self-select and show.