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Our work this year has enabled us to access a host of genres and text types, with each writing piece having a stimulating hook for our children. With each book we have explored characters, settings and authors’ choices before moving on to identifying the features of text types. We have then focused on different areas of grammar, identifying their uses within texts, exploring the rules behind them and then practising using them before applying the newly learned skill to our written pieces. Once we have gathered our ideas through the exploration stages, we have then worked together as a whole class to create a modelled example before moving onto our independent pieces. Our writing has often been cross-curricular, linked to History (Ancient Egypt, Space and Anglo Saxons), Geography (Comparing and contrasting different places around the globe) and Science (Animals and their habitats). Texts we have explored include: Secrets of a Sun King, George's Secret key to the Universe and Journey to the River Sea. Whilst these texts have enabled us to write postcards, diary inputs, stories and setting descriptions, we have also done our own research, which has enabled us to create posters, non-chronological reports and detailed pieces of extended writing.

Danielle – “I love opportunities for creative writing – my favourite was all the writing we did about Ancient Egypt. I also enjoy using Pobble to start the day as I think it helps with my writing.”