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Year 3 PSHE Overview
Autumn 1 Unit Families and Relationships

Understand that families are all different. Know that families offer each other support but sometimes they can experience problems. Understand that problems occur in friendships and that violence is never right. Understand what bullying is and what to do if it happens. Describe what a good listener is and know how to show that they are listening. Say who they trust and why. Understand that people can have similarities and differences and explain how differences can be a positive thing. Understand how toys can reinforce gender stereotypes. Understand that stereotypes arise from a range of factors, including some of those associated with age.

Autumn 2 Unit Health and Wellbeing

Create a healthy diary, where energetic activities and high-energy food are scheduled for the same day. Work in pairs so that one person can do a stretch while the other draws a stick figure to show the pose. Understand the different aspects of my identity. Identify their own strengths and that they can help other people. Describe how they would break a problem down into small, achievable goals. Understand the benefits of healthy eating and dental health.

Spring Term Unit

Show an understanding that they must consider their own safety before helping others in an emergency situation. Understand how to help someone who has been bitten or stung. Write an email with instructions written using positive language. Create a decision tree showing how to deal with unkind online behaviour and cyberbullying. Send an email that describes some of the best ways to avoid being tricked by fake emails.

Summer 1 Unit Citizenship

Explain that children have rights and how these benefit them. Explain the responsibilities adults have for supporting children’s rights. Discuss the benefits of recycling. Recognise some of the different groups within the local community and how they use local buildings. Explain how charities support the local community. Describe how democracy works locally and how this affects us. Recognise the need for rules and the consequences of breaking rules.

Summer 2 Economic Wellbeing

Describe how different payment methods may be used in given scenarios. Suggest why specific payment methods might be more beneficial. Explain what a budget is and how we can benefit from budgeting. Identify how they would feel in a money scenario. Understand the impact our spending choices can have on others and the environment. Understand that a wide range of jobs are available. Know that skills and interests lead people to certain jobs. Know that job stereotypes sometimes exist but these should not limit anyone. Transition lesson to prepare for move to Year 3: Children learn that, as they get older, the number of opportunities and responsibilities they have are likely to increase as situations change, and that this is a good thing.

PSHE in Year 3

The PSHE curriculum in Year 3

PSHE in Year 3