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Year 1 PSHE Overview
Autumn Term 1 Family and Relationships

Intended Outcomes of this Unit: Understand that families can include a range of people, who their friends are and what people like to do with friends. Describe what people might look like if they are feeling: angry, scared, upset or worried. Identify ways of responding to this by either offering help or giving them space. Understand the skills needed to work together in a group. Understand that friendships can have problems and learn ways to overcome these problems. Understand how the actions of others can affect people. Explain what a stereotype is.

Autumn 2 Unit Health and Wellbeing

Intended Outcomes of this Unit: Describe how they feel using appropriate vocabulary, recognising what different emotions might look/feel like. Describe situations which may provoke certain feelings. Describe their own qualities and strengths and recognise something they want to get better at. Describe their bedtime routine, explaining why sleep is important. Explain how rest and relaxation affects our bodies, including mental functions. Identify examples where they could use relaxation to help manage difficult emotions. Understand that germs can be spread via our hands. Know how to wash their hands properly. Know the three things they need to do when out in the sun to keep safe. Know people can be allergic to certain things and how to help with an allergic reaction. Understand that there are a range of people who help to keep us healthy.

Spring Term Safety and the Changing Body

Intended Outcomes of this Unit: Know a number of adults in school. Know that they should speak to an adult if they are ever worried or feel uncomfortable about another adult. Understand ways to keep safe and not get lost and know the steps to take if they do get lost. Know the number for the emergency services and their own address. Understand that some types of physical contact are never acceptable. Know what can go into or onto the body and when they should check with an adult. Understand that there are hazards in houses and know how to avoid them. Understand and name jobs that people do to help keep us safe.

Summer 1 Citizenship

Intended Outcomes of this Unit: Explain why the class and school rules are important. Discuss the different needs of a range of pets. Describe some of the needs of babies and young children. Recognise some similarities and differences between themselves and others. Identify some groups which they belong to. Recognise that different individuals belong to different groups. Explain why voting is a fair way to make a decision involving a lot of people.

Summer 2 Unit Economic Wellbeing

Intended Outcomes of this Unit: Explain how children might get money. Explain some different ways to keep money safe. Discuss the role of banks and building societies. Recognise that people may make different choices about spending or saving. Explain that a range of jobs exist in and out of school and that different skills are needed for jobs. Children think about their individual strengths and new skills they have to prepare for their move from Year 1 to Year 2.

PSHE in Year 1

We have been reading 'The Colour Monster' and learning how to describe and manage our feelings.

PSHE in Year 1