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In Reception our children are constantly exploring the natural world around them. Through quality interactions with the staff supporting their play and learning they  describe what they see, hear and feel while they are outside. They observe seasonal changes to the weather and to trees and plants. In conjunction with our Geography work they begin to recognise some environments that are different to the one in which they live and talk about the reasons why.

In the autumn term we plan through quality texts that introduce our children to the changes that happen in autumn. We plant bulbs and then wait patiently for them peep up through the soil and learn that this is a sign that winter is ending and spring is beginning. We observe the first signs of spring by drawing what we see. We plant seeds and learn to nurture them as they grow. We take great pride and joy in caring for our plants and harvesting our crops of beans and peas.

We capitalise on our children's natural curiosity and inquisitiveness and introduce some simple scientific experiements that encourage our children to question why something has happened and how it has happened. 
Autumnal ArtAutumnal Art
The Natural World The Natural World
Planting in Reception Planting in Reception
Observing Signs of Spring Observing Signs of Spring
Can Water Walk?Can Water Walk?