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We have focused on the four number operations through different mental and written methods, as well as through problem solving and investigations. We have collected and presented data in a variety of forms, including bar charts and graphs. We have used equipment to help us accurately measure length, mass and capacity in order to solve real life problems involving these measures. Our work on fractions has allowed us to identify, find and calculate fractions when looking at shapes, lengths and amounts. We have been deepening our knowledge of time and have used mental strategies to add and subtract money, including finding change from different amounts. We have even found out about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, including symmetry. 

Lily – “I enjoy the challenge in Y5 and the percentage tasks were really good.”


Amy – “I feel this year I have grown in confidence with fractions and decimals.”


Daisy – “I feel more challenged in maths this year and I love it!”


Luke – “I used to avoid timetables, but now I love doing them!”

Y5 MathsY5 Maths