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Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of St Margaret’s C of E Primary Horsforth  - May - 2016
The governing body of St Margaret’s Primary School conducts its business to take account of the three roles of the governing bodies as outlined in the Governance Handbook:
1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.
The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.
The governing body also ensures that the school complies fully with statutory safeguarding procedures. All staff have signed a record to confirm they have read Part 1 of the DfE statutory guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education”. The governing body has familiarised itself with the document and are working with the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mrs Harridge) in school to complete the annual safeguarding audit.
The composition of the governing body
The governing body re-constituted in September 2014 and comprises 12 governors in total. Every governor appointed to the governing body is appointed on the basis of the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. The number of governors in each category is determined through the Instrument of Government and is currently:
1 Head teacher
1 elected staff governor
3 elected parent governors
1 local authority governor
3 Foundation governors
3 co-opted governors

Please see the following table for the names and areas of responsibility of the governors.
Claire Horsfield
Chair of Governors
Foundation Governor
Safeguarding / CP

Personnel and Finance
Standards and Curriculum
Pay and Performance Management
Rev'd Nigel Sinclair Foundation Governor
SIAMS link and Christian Ethos

Standards and Curriculum

Foundation Governor
To be assigned

Gill Cook Co-opted Governor Standards and Curriculum
Pay and Performance Management
Tom Newcombe Co-opted Governor
To be assigned

Matt Eastwood Co-opted Governor
Personnel and Finance
Pay and Performance Management
Sarah Harridge Head Teacher
Personnel and Finance
Standards and Curriculum
Pay and Performance Management
Matthew Leech Parent Governor
Personnel and Finance
Standards and Curriculum

Gary McVeigh-Kaye Parent Governor

To be assigned

Joel Cameron-Smith Parent Governor
Standards and Curriculum

VACANT LA Governor
To be assigned

Charlotte Cairns Staff Governor
Standards and Curriculum


Meetings of the governing body
The full governing body meets five times a year; all meetings are clerked by a trained professional clerk. There are also two governing body committees which meet three times a year and which have delegated authority. The committees are:
  • Personnel and Finance
  • Standards and Curriculum
There is also a pay committee which meets as required.

Attendance at meetings
Governors have good attendance at meetings overall. Apologies for non-attendance are considered on an individual basis; governors are aware through the code of conduct that non-attendance, which includes apologies not being accepted, will result in the removal of a governor six months from the date of first non-attendance.

The remit of the governing body and its committees
The governing body and senior leadership team completed a self-evaluation of the school in October 2015 taking into account the July 2015 SATs results; the school’s internal monitoring of pupil progress and attainment and changes to the assessment of pupils and the curriculum. The self-evaluation then informed our school improvement plan which has prioritised the following three areas:
•  Raise standards in Maths and English across the school  - (Teaching and Learning)
•  Leaders and Managers efficiently, effectively and economically use and manage available resources to meet the needs of all pupils – (Resources)
• To develop a high standard of inclusion for pupils – (Pupil Support)
The monitoring and evaluation of progress towards the priorities will be through the committees as indicated in brackets above.

The effectiveness and impact of the governing body 2014/2015
The governing body completed a review of governance and a governor skills audit in July 2014 facilitated by governor support service.  A second skills audit is imminent now that all vacancies have been filled.  The areas for improvement that have been identified on our governors’ action plan are:
  • To work towards an outstanding SIAMS judgement following the recent SIAMs Inspection; school had been graded “good”  and governors must be aware of their contribution which revolves around close contact with life in school and with collective worship
  • For each governor to take a close interest in their link curriculum area; to meet with subject heads and to report back to Teaching and Learning Committee following visits
  • To re-evaluate the effectiveness of the governing body through another skills audit when all vacancies are filled (vacancies filled Easter 2016)
The governing body recruited a new deputy headteacher in February  2015 following the retirement of the previous headteacher and deputy headteacher. The new deputy headteacher has thorough data knowledge and experience of whole school assessment systems which has improved the in-year monitoring of the children’s progress. The new deputy has also been instrumental in the development of inclusion practices and closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils across all Key Stages.
Progress and attainment show improvement as evidenced through RAISEonline data.  Areas of improvement have been identified and included in the school development plan.
You can find information about the role of Governors and how to become a Governor by clicking the following link: